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Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 25 June '98
adding to Re: Fixing(locking) Fonts on web pages posted by Faisal

>>>Yes! but isn't there a tag like "if browser=3 then browser=4" or something like that ?
>> The browser ID technique doesn't work 100% reliably. As more ISPs resort to caching, serving up browser
>>specific pages will be even less effective. In short, if the page in the cache was served up to MSIE6.3,
>>all subsequent requests for that page will get the MSIE version regardelss of what browser it is.
>> Even if it did work, that still doesn't solve the problem of what happens when I don't have the font
>>you want me to have, ot the font I call Navajo isn't the font you call Navajo.

>>Unless, of course, you want to buy hardware and software for me :)

>OK.! thanks I do get your point about caching. You are right about not serving browser spcefic pages! and NO! that still doesnot mean I am gonna buy anyone anything :)
>But I would like to know what the exact tag is ..like
>if browser=3 ....whatever.
>Thanks again.

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