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Sorry for screwing that up!
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 25 June '98
adding to Re: How do I get the most out of heading tags? posted by Laurel Eby

I reitterate... Hopefully this will work!
My guess would be that:

We specialise in grooming pink poodles

WOULD have the same ROBOT relevance as:

We specialise in grooming pink poodles

--- This is just a THEROY! ---
>>> Sowhatdaya think Jim? Always these pink poodles!
-Pink Poodle Pages Rule!!!!
>Anyway, I think your point got lost with the loss of the html tags.
-Hope this helped! (no hope this worked!)
>And what is up with blah wibble woo?!?
-A collection of silly words symbolising a collection of words!


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