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I need your help to register my pages with search engines
From Bradley Blinn at The Fundraising Bank on 25 June '98

Der Sir/Madam:

My web site that I have created will soon be obtaining its own domain name in the near future.....Unfortunately for me, it sounds like there are a lot of secrets and tricks to the trade associated with registering a site with the search engines.

I am looking for someone that is willing to offer their services to me. It seems that there are a few people that post here regularly who are quite knowledgeable about getting the most out of a site.

My site has very limited competition (which is good) so I am hopeful to get to the top of the search engines....I would appreciate your help in this matter, and I am willing to pay for your services. Please let me know what you can do for me.

Bradley Blinn

(Jim: I still have "the detective" in mind)

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