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Foiled again!
From Laurel Eby at Excel Translations on 25 June '98
adding to Re: Pink Poodle epidemic explained: I don't think so posted by Max

> Non-hacked explanation (and something I've done myself) is that they had a template and forgot
>to change the contents of the tags to match the content of the page. If they had been truly hacked,
>I think the content of the pages, all the pages, would have had totally different content. Your
>mystery "pink poodle" hacker would be like a tagger who only spray painted his initials on the
>underside of the park benches. They don't work that way.

Drat! Looks like your theory was right, Max. I got this response from that government website I sent a message to:

Thank you so much for writing. I got a good laugh, as I did not anticipate
this one, and your vision of the "mad hacker" was a good one.
This is the sample wording in our Web Page template (which is the next
thing I will amend to reflect something more appropriate in case someone
else forgets). It should have been changed to something appropriate
before posting.
I thank you for the heads-up, and sincerely appreciate your advising that
this slipped through without our notice. It is nice to know that the search
engines are capturing our metadata!

Oh well, so much for intrigue :-)

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