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Re: How do I get the most out of heading tags?
From Max on 26 June '98
adding to Re: How do I get the most out of heading tags? posted by Nicholas

>Not quite sure how style sheets are going to solve immediate
>design problems: the list of browsers with CSS support seems
>remarkably short.
But growing ... NS and MSIE have limited support for them.

> I already have to deal with text and graphics
>mode browsers at resolutions from EGA to 1024 and above.
>Why add on the problems of addressing CSS supported browsers?
Because it's easier. You write one page, with perfectly valid
HTML and style sheets. The non-CSS browsers see one thing, while
the CSS-supporting browsers see something quite different.

Give up the idea of "page design", which misleads you into thinking
that you actually have some control and think of it as "multi-output device
information delivery" ... it's easier to give up the idea of fonts and layout
when you realize you aren't designing for your screen ... you are designing
for all kinds of screens and text readers and robots.

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