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Re: Banners : Exposure Reports...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 26 June '98
adding to Banners posted by Appalachia

  Companies offering banner adds cannot, of course, gaurentee
that people will click through to your site. They can only
gaurntee how meny exposures (displayings of your banner)
will be made...

  However what you do get is a report, it should show how
many times your banner has been displayed, and how many
click-throughs have occurred in a given time period.

  People like link exchange, to my mind, dont seem that good!
The number of exposures you get depends on how meny of their
banners you show accross your own site. There is no
gaurenteed number of exposures (but what do you expect for
free...) so to get a decent no of exposures it meens
sabotaging the look of your own site to display other
peoples banners!

  Your best bet is to go for a paid scheeme. Look arround,
sites offering these schemes for money will tell you where
your banners will be displayed... hopefully you will find
one advertising somewhere you feel is appropriate to you!

  Hope all this helps


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