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Re: Excite listing going up and down and disappearing
From Max on 29 June '98
adding to Excite listing going up and down and disappearing posted by Patrick

>I have a site that one day will have a page listed #1,
>a couple of days later that page has completely disappered,
>and then a few days later the page is back again at #1.
>Are they rotating data bases?
They could have some sort of randomizer going that gives
search results in variable order when the relevancy rankings are
similar. Or, something that rotates the order of the search results
so the site rises (or sinks) with each search request.
It wouldn't be difficult to program - just add fields
that give the date and ranking and use them in the fetch routine.
I've seem something similar in a database (to avoid the alphabetical
bias they randomized their results).

Try this experiment - check your ranking about once an hour
for a while, being sure to clear your cache between checks, and
save the search results page. Do that for a week and see if the other
top sites are yo-yoing too.
If they are, there's little you can do on your end about the
search engine, so you'll have to work on content and reciprocal
links to build traffic.

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