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Re: Any Statistics on AOL
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 29 June '98
adding to Any Statistics on AOL posted by Darryl

>I am looking for info on AOL.

>How many of their users ...use the AOL browser?

>How many use netscape or IE?

>How many use 3.0 and blow?

>Are Aol users serious purchasers online or are they mostly beginer surfers?

>Does Aol support java?

>Basicly are they a significant market?

significant market? you better believe it. 12,000,000 of them. durring the times excite "looses" my site visitors drop in half. and at least 1/3 of purcheses are made be aol'ers.

i get the most phone calls from aol'ers concerning not understanding the simplest things, like a blue under lined word is a link. most of the people i know started out on aol, but as they get a little "net savey" they switch to something else. heck, I'v talked to aol'ers that dont know how to get to yahoo ! ! ! (get the picture ? :-).......but, 12,000,000 of them ? oh yeah, they're important ! and so is a good listing in Excite (AOL nte find).

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