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Re: Any way to get rid of that pop up window?
From Ric at Big Sleep! on 30 June '98
adding to Any way to get rid of that pop up window? posted by Ian Walker

>I have set up a secure location on my web hosting service for an order form. However, when I go to my secure page, this window pops up that probably will scare everyone away.
Seems to be a little confusion here...
Anytime I enter ANY HTTPS (Secure http) site I ALWAYS get the warning message, unless I was to uncheck it so that it never comes up again. I always get it anytime I enter or leave a HTTPS page. People should be used to this by now.
>It says that the data you enter may be intercepted by a third party. Apparently, it seems as though I need to sign up with Verisign.
Verisign may or maynot solve this problem, depending on the client end. I don't plan to renew my Verisign ID because they will redily give up info to the Government (wimps). Try a Thawte certificate like Jim suggested, they have a backbone. Then let your visitors know how to get their own certificate.
I believe it is www.thawte.com

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