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Re: Defining Table Width (Percent or Pixel)
From Max on 15 April '98
adding to Defining Table Width (Percent or Pixel) posted by Pat XXXXXXXXX

>should i define a table's width w/ pixel or percent value?
>Pixel is more precise and text and graphics will be laid out the same
>on everyone screen no matter what there settings are.
Unfortunately, the table will be forced off the edge of the
screen if they don't have the browser window ad wide as you think they
will. Sideways scrolling is annoying.

>Percent is good because the body is set enough from the edges so you get the
>white space you want. But, the contents moves all over the place depending on
>how big the user browser is maximized to.

Yes, it does. I'll spare you my favorite rant about the difference between the
Web and paper, but if web sites concentrated more on content and less on looks
they's have better ratings in "the directory that must not be mentioned".
Given a choice, I'd prefer a site that used no layout forcing at all, and lets
my browser do the best it can. You should see what those fancy pages look like
on one of the half-screen "palmtops" that are the latest businessman status symbol.
Using tables to force layout is not as good as using Cascading Style sheets.


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