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Re: My website - created with Frontpage 98 - your critique
From Ric at Big Sleep! on 30 June '98
adding to My website - created with Frontpage 98 - your critique posted by Bradley Blinn

I love critiquing FrontPage sites, I even found errors on the MS Windows 98 homepage!
(See my 'Best of the Worse?' page)So don't feel too stupid if you make a few mistakes.
The problem with most of these programs is they add alot of useless code, not to mention the Browser Extensions, and FrontPage is one of the worse.
I would recomend Netscape Composer, though it does like to add 'CENTER' tags all over the place, it is very easy to use.
Your pages are about 4 times larger than they should be because of WAY TOO MANY empty table tags.
Any one who wants to publish should learn alittle about HTML, or not even bother.
HTML is very easy to learn. Just buy a HTML 4 book (about $35) and spend a couple of days reading. A good text editer like TextPad is very usefull too.

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