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Re: accepting credit cards
From Baz on 30 June '98
adding to Re: accepting credit cards posted by Jim

>Does anybody else have experience, like Baz,
>of setting up a merchant account in the USA?
>The more hoops you had to jump through, the
>more interested I'd be.


Hi Jim

From what I have learn't so far, once you have a company incorporated in the US then setting up a merchant account in the USA for Internet commerce is
actually easier than here in the UK (they don't seem to have
the "fears" of UK Banks).

However you do need the following:

Company incorporated in USA, with USA address and contact.
(for those in the UK - there are a number of companies who will incorporate a company and have their address as the companies registered address, for a charge!!)
When you incorporate you will need to get hold of a Federal Tax code. With this you can go to an internet friendly bank
(Wells Fargo - I have heard is quite good) and open a Company bank account.
And then you can request a Merchant account.

- At this point Baz (exhausted and counting his pennys) gives up and signs up with Netbanx.

If anyone has anymore info, or shortcuts - let me know please.
I am growing increasingly frustrated with the UK Banking system and am eager to move my
company "Off-Country" so to speak.

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