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A moment of your time please...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 30 June '98
  Just a few quick questions if I may.

  Just what makes a search engine popular?

  Do you think there is room for another Robot search engine our there?

  Do you think another type of search engine would be more appropriate?

  Do you have any suggestions about setting up a search engine?

  Notes: I do appriciate that if undertaken this would be a long term
project, and I would take a long time to build up the sort of
popularity demonstrated by AltaVista, Infoseek and the like. However
in the long run this could prove a valuble project from a number of
angles. Also - It is very doubtful that we could splash the kind of
resources neccecary to set up a Yahoo! type affair...

  P.S. Jim, is it ok if I put up an email for responces to these
questions if I prommise faithfully to pot the results up on this
board after a couple of weeks?

Thanks to all
From Me!

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