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Re: Link Popularity
From Jack at Karnac Motor Sports Web Services on 15 April '98
adding to Link Popularity posted by Bill Meador

>I ran across a site that claims to be able to increase a site's search engine rank through link popularity without massive search engine submissions. I do not know if this trick is going to work, but I figured that some of you would have opinions on it. See www.web-popularity.com
The operative word is 'trick'. The web is
filling up fast with tricksters. Not that
that's all bad. Innovation begins
with experimentation. However there is one
thing that Jim Rhodes and some others have
drilled home all along is content. If someone
has a half decent understanding of the basics
,Meta Tags, Titles, etc, and concentrates on content instead of 'tricks' their site will have the necessary visitors to
accomplish the purpose. It's interesting that I find way more websites involved with promotion than on how to create and develop useful content.
And Max is right this trick will recoil on you.

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