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Completely Dead on the Web!
From Jeanne on 01 July '98
What do you do when you used meta tags on all your pages. promote! promote! promote! and they still can't find you in the top 500?
my hits are so bad I'm afraid to look! I have 2 banner ads (used to have more) I've done the free for all links page, I give a business award, offer free graphics, and went around to every site I could find that will add either my url or my banner, I signed hundreds of guestbooks, got nasty letters for leaving my banner there. I did a link contest (didn't have even 1 entrant) I belong to so many lists and newsletters it takes 2 hours to read my mail every morning, I did about 350 classified ads, all that's left is bulk email and news groups and I don't intend to do either of those!
All the work I get comes from my community and nothing at all from the web... I need help!

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