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Maybee I chose the worng title for this...
From Someone read it, and give me advice!! at Intellnet Limited on 01 July '98
adding to A moment of your time please... posted by Brainwipe

It was a serious set of questions, and for the record,
after further discussions with our MD, he thinks he may
well splash the development money to put together a
Yahoo! style (i.e. vetted by real people) search engine
if (in the long run) he thought we could be up there in
with the big boyz on the world most hit sites list! So any
input/advice you can give would be invaluble

I know its a daunting task (the very idea of trying to get
10,000,000 hits per month minimum seems like madness to me
at the moment!!!)

Anyway... please help!

Brainwipe :->

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