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Re: Completely Dead on the Web!
From Max on 02 July '98
adding to Completely Dead on the Web! posted by Jeanne

The Catch22 for Web design firms who advertise on the Internet is that everyone who sees them there is
already on the Internet. It's useful to have a site as an example to show potential clients, with some sample
layouts and such, but with the thousands of design firms infesting cyberspace, it's more practical to go find
companies that aren't on the Internet and get paid to put them there.
Forget trying to get much business from the Web ... it's far too much effort.
> All the work I get comes from my community and nothing at all from the web... I need help!
Go after local business even more - advertise in every local cheap media you can find, or use the yellow
pages to find a company whose products would sell on the Web, check to make sure they aren't already there,
and call them up (have a host server lined up, and some sample pages to show them, so they can see what it will
cost and what it will look like). Your competition will be local PRINT media, so find out what that costs and
charge to beat it.
Try to get a monthly "update" contract, and manage their mailing lists too. You can give away design real
cheap, and make it up on the service fees :) Make sure they know they need to be in it for at least a year
before they decide it isn't working - which is one reason to use a CHEAP starter host that lets you upgrade service
as the need grows.
You can then get into marketing schemes like reduced service fees for every referral the customer brings in
(referral is someone who actually pays you, not just listens).

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