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Infoseek ranking by links...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 02 July '98
  Infoseek gives a better rank to sites that have links from other URLs
pointing its way. What I want to know is?

a) Does it help if the page linking to you is subject related? i.e.
   if infoseek can match keywords and data between the pages will it
   give your site more 'credit' (better ranking) than if the link(s)
   were from completely unrelated pages?


b) Does it help if the link is reciprocated? i.e. will your rank be
   better if you have links to the people who are linking to you?


c) Are any other engines currently (or moving to) giving rank priority
   by number of linking pages?

  Hope one of you wonderful people can help me out on this. Creep lick

Brainwipe looks like this... :-?

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