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Re: Nicholas' addition...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 02 July '98
adding to Expanding the question (appending to Brainwipe's text ) posted by Nicholas

>From Nicholas:

>To the extent we have time to be doing these things... should
>we be "spamming the link index" by adding links at every
>FFA (free link page) and every friend's business site and
>every friend's personal page?

Brainwipes Comments...

As far as I am concerned, any spam is bad spam!
So maybee you have a technique that works now but the SE's
pick up on new spam methods pritty quick and start peanalising.

That said getting as many links to your page as possible
doesn't strike me as spam (just good publicity) HOWEVER...
Free Link Pages are not nesecarily a good move, lets face
it you wouldnt place link to the avoradge FFA coz they look
poor and unprofessional, therefore to make the link have any
effect your going to have to submit that page to the SE and
in the end if every one who adds a link does this the SE
will ban that page (for spamming its URL submission) and
your work is lost...

Agree? / Disagree? All comments welcome!

Brainwipe looks like this... :-?

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