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Re: Well... I need some help, please
From Max on 03 July '98
adding to Well... I need some help, please posted by Kyle Wehner

>live in georgia, and i intend to serve people as far away as mississsippi.
Start local - go after local businesses that are NOT already on the web and do an absolutely
perfect job for them for a reasonable price. When you run out of local businesses to put on
the Web, start on the next town over.

I checked your website ... it shrieks "I'm 15 and have a computer!" You aren't ready for prime
time yet.

First, you have created a page that might look fabooo in MSIE, but I saw very little with
NetScape. The goal of a web designer is to MAXIMIZE the possible visitors, not exclude those who don't
use the same browser as the designer. You need to review the information on this site about page
promotion, and I recommend http://www.htmlhelp.com/ for some basics of page design. You need to learn how
to deliver the message REGARDLESS of the visitor's hardware and software, and that takes more than MS
Front Page.

Second, NEVER let an unfinished page show up on your site or a client's. If your partners aren't
willing to finish their profile, how willing would they be to finish my pages?

Third, with an address like this - 19635 US HWY 19 N - you will be hard to reach. Where's the
town, state and ZIP? Check ALL your information for completeness and correctness BEFORE
you upload. Check your spelling!

On the bright side - even though it's way too big and in the wrong spot - you have a pretty good logo.

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