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Re: Well... I need some help, please
From kyle at same as before on 03 July '98
adding to Re: Well... I need some help, please posted by Max

I deleted the about us html and I talked to some of the older
businesses in the area. They said they would get about 650
for a site like mine? Is that good? I know im not ready for prime time
yet but i live in a small town and i dont expect to get
alot of money and customers(even if i am doin' as far away as mississippi)
i also fixed the address. I working on making my mistakes now instead of
when it counts. Thanks for your critism. P.S. Why does
frontpage 98 piss you off? Seriously?
P.S.S this is my first page i have ever made using a program
i most of the time use straight HTML... so i know basic and
a lil' bit of advanced html..

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