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Re: becoming a www?
From Max on 16 April '98
adding to becoming a www? posted by maddflava6

>Question:how do i take my web site off
>of tripod and turn it into a www
>listing and still control the
>editing from my home pc?

You mean you want http://www.yourcompany.com
for an address? It's a multi-part answer, and
you will have two sites up for a while so you
can make a smooth transfer.

1. Get your new pages ready! Creating the pages
as explained in Jim's excelent set of pages here,
of course. Take advantage of what you've learned
and revamp the site.
(shamelessly flattering the BB host never hurts)

2. Register a domain name with Internic (cost
is about $70 for the first two years, so
don't get ripped off by a company that charges
hundreds of $$ for it. Check Yahoo "domain
registration" and you'll find the companies.
There's one that does the registration for free,
you pay just the InterNIC fees.

3. Find an ISP to host the name as a "virtual"
domain. Cost varies, but the cheapest I've
found is at GeoCities - it's a $5 setup and $5/month
(no pop-up ads, either!). There's NO TRACE of
the Geocities servers in your email or pages. They
offer a reasonably priced on-line ordering/paying module

4. You will edit your pages from your regular dialup, like
you do on Tripod, or upload pages you've done at
home. All you need is a Web connection.

The best plan is to set up the virtual domain,
register the top level pages with the search engines,
and find any sites that link to yours, searching
at AltaVista for them, and advise them of the move
so they can update their links before the old pages
go dead. Also change your tripod.com pages so that
they advise visitors of the coming move and ask them
to go there and update their bookmarks.
A couple of months later, change the main tripod.com
pages, if they will let you, to redirectvisitors
automatically to the new site. Ask them if it's allowed,
because some of the free sites will kill redirect pages
because they have been misused in the past.
The last step, when you delete the pages from Tripod, is
to resubmit the old URLs to the search engines so they will
get deleted from the indexes as fast as possible.

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