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Re: A guide for Altavista and others search engines
From Max on 05 July '98
adding to A guide for Altavista and others search engines posted by Henri GUYOT

>Hello, I'm french
That's OK, and congrats on the soccer game. I'm hoping Brazil does it again, but I'll still answer your question.

>and i'd want to know if there's a special guide for each
>search engine

If you design especially for each of the major search engines, you wuld need
a set of pages for each, and because they frequently change their ranking criteria
you would need to continually redesign the pages.
An easier strategy is to design pages that can't be knocked out of the rankings if
one feature changes - for example, those promoters who are using multiple META KEYWORD
tags have suddenly found themselves penalized on a couple of engines, while the promoters
who always use one set of well-selected keywords don't have to redesign. This site has
a lot of good advice, as do the major search engine sites under their "tips" or "getting listed"
Spend as much or more time on locating well-ranked sites to request reciprocal links from,
because they will eventually provide half or more of your traffic. Developing good content
is one way to get these links.

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