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Re: Jims Refer Script
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketers on 05 July '98
adding to Jims Refer Script posted by Patrick

>I am a little worried about using Jim's refer script.
>My worry is that someone will use it to refer the my site and the person who recieves it will think its SPAM.
>Has anyone had problems along this line?
>Am I just being paranoid?

>Any feed back to put my fears at rest would be appreciated.

Hey Patrick goto my page and refer yourself and see how the email reads and tell me if you felt like you where being spamed.
This site is almost complete. I think it is a very powerful tool. It's a good idea to offer something free for the referal
,unless your site has some really great info that the referer does not need incentive to refer a friend.

Think of it this way...if someone goes to your site and refers a friend and the email comes to that friend as a invitation ,i don't think it's spam.
If the refering person is going to tell a friend anyway, Jim's referme script simply makes it easy for the referer and makes sure this potenial customer knows about you ASAP.

Goto my web site and try mind...I want your input anyway.
One of the refermes is at http://www.4revenge.com/freebiereal (cut&paste to your browser)

P.S. I am going to have the referme come up after the person places an order as a last chance to get a free audio clip from a future CD for a referal.


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