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Testing a website. I need help!!!
From Lisa at Revenge on the Telemarketers on 05 July '98
Jim or Max I am Not spaming you. Just need help.Thanks

Hi I made this web site for a friend of mind and he is getting ready to
launch a national commercial. I have made mirror images of his site ....one with
Real Audio and the other with a new Technology from Emblaze Audio. They came up
with a way to stream audio fro your web page and visitors do not have to have any plugins
I need people to go there to the page that says Powered by Emblaze.

When you get to the page Tom's Story the audio should start automaticaly. I never have a problem with
it but he and his friends seem to have problems running it. Either post a message here and tell me if you
can hear it. If you can't hear it tell your connection and what kind of browser you are using.
Or you can email me at his email ... darrylb@win.net

This audio is critical to his success. I need to convince him it will work for the majority.


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