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Re: Well... I need some help, please
From Max on 06 July '98
adding to Re: Well... I need some help, please posted by kyle

>So what program do you suggest?
You're gonna kill me: I wrote my own MS Word to HTML converter because I didn't
like any of the commercially available programs. If you know how to use Word's style tags
in a consistent manner, there's a freeware converter that can do entire directories of files
at a time, with total author control. It has a much more user-friendly interface than mine.
If you are interested, I'll post the URL.
Or, go to http://www.w3.org/ and download AMAYA - it's their HTML authoring tool, semi-WYSIWG
(with the ability to get a non-graphical view of the page) and very structured. It produces
excellent HTML by default and the price is right.

>straight html is too much of a hassle...
I create templates: basic HTML files with the common layouts for various kinds of pages,
like Main page, listing page, etc. and just stick the text in.

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