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Re: The question that most concerns me is...
From Max on 06 July '98
adding to The question that most concerns me is... posted by Eddie

>> Alta Vista and HotBot, among others, are pushing towards
>> an algorithm which factors number of links to a site as part
>> of the ranking process.

About time! That's the part of creating a website that takes
real work. It is also a way that lets the Web as a whole vote
on what's useful and interesting. Just consider each link a vote
in favor of the information at the other end of the link.

>In the not too distant future I can see this becoming a part
>of the code in all the Robot based Search Engines. The
>question that most concerns me is: Will the Robots give some
>links a higher priority that others?

If I were writing the program, I would give extra points to links
from the major RELEVANT sites: for example, a link to a graphics site
from Adobe Software would carry more weight than a link to that site from
"Timmy's Cool Grafix Linx" on Geocities.com. This would require some
degree of human ranking - some of the personally managed sites turn into
major resources after a while - but would minimize the impact of those
mindless "free for all" links pages. Actually, I'd try to figure out a way
to neutralize that kind of page completely.

I would also limit the number of referral points a site can get
from any other site - to prevent a cooperative ring from putting up
links to each others' sites to bias the ratings. I know this idea
has been discussed on some other Web forums.

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