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Re: The question that most concerns me is...
From Brainwipe at Intellnet Limited on 06 July '98
adding to Re: The question that most concerns me is... posted by Max

> If I were writing the program, I would give extra points to links
>from the major RELEVANT sites: for example, a link to a graphics site
>from Adobe Software would carry more weight than a link to that site from
>"Timmy's Cool Grafix Linx" on Geocities.com. This would require some
>degree of human ranking - some of the personally managed sites turn into
>major resources after a while - but would minimize the impact of those
>mindless "free for all" links pages. Actually, I'd try to figure out a way
>to neutralize that kind of page completely.

What I would think is more likly is that the page content
of the linking page is analised. Either in the form of
yes/no that page does contain relevant data on [subject].
Or by %rating of the linking page... 0 points for 0%, 1 point
for 1% to 10%, 2 points for 11 to 20% etc...

This would seem to me to be a good (and relitively easy) way
to achive that result. Im afraid I don't know if anyone is
or is not dooing this, but im trying to find out...


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