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Doorway Pages - I'm confused
From Dan on 06 July '98
If there are six major keyword combinations that people might use to
find my site then I assume that I should create six "doorway pages"
- one for each keyword combination - for each search engine. I am
also assuming that each doorway page would have a link FROM it to the
main site but no links TO it. Right? OK, here is where I get lost. I
created six pages for lycos, six for hotbot, six for infoseek, six for excite
and six for AV, etc. Considering that there are no links to these pages, only
links from them, should I submit all six of the hotbot optimized pages
to hotbot or will it find them? And if it can find them on it's own
won't it also find the other 24+ optimized doorway pages and penalize
me for spamming? Do these engines find ONLY those pages with links to
them or can they find everything?

Thanks for any help and advice.


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