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Re: Well... I need some help, please
From Brainwipe at Check out HotDog from Sausage Software. on 06 July '98
adding to Re: Well... I need some help, please posted by Laurel Eby

>>>So what program do you suggest?

Well I started out with a plain text editor and Netscape 2
but im glad ive found something better!!!


I think its the best hands on HTML editor around...

Regularly updated (updates free) a wide selection of free
(and cheap) supertools that make your life a lot easier, also
regularly updated and again the updates are free...
It will also tell you if the HTML you are using is in w3c
standard or if NS/IE specific which version of NS or IE it
was introduced in....

Using HotDog also helps you learn to learn HTML as one of
my friends has found. He started off asking me stuff,
eventually he bought HotDog and now hes quite a competant

Also included in the price is HotDog express to allow you
to build your pages the "I dont know what im doing" way!

Hope this helps. Check the link above to visit HotDog's
home at Sausage Software.

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