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Re: Doorway Pages - I'm confused
From Max on 06 July '98
adding to Doorway Pages - I'm confused posted by Dan

>If there are six major keyword combinations that people might use to
>find my site then I assume that I should create six "doorway pages"
> - one for each keyword combination

If your site has a single topic -
It's much easier to list the keywords that would make ALL of those
combinations in the META KEYWORD tag on ONE page. Make sure the
critical keywords also ahow up in the TITLE tags and as a H1 as the
first element in the page, and as part of the text in the paragraph
immediately after the H1. This paragraph should explain EXACTLY what
your site is about.
Submit the page, which would be the site's main page, to each of the
search engines you have identified.

If your site has SIX entirely different topics -
Create a page for each topic, following the guidelines above, and
submit all 6 pages. Use your index.htm page as a general site intro
and link to the six topics from it. It would have generic keywords.
In this case, nost of your traffic will enter at the page they were
looking for, not the main page.

>also assuming that each doorway page would have a link FROM it to the
>main site but no links TO it. Right?
That's a dead giveaway that you are using doorway pages, and most
engines will discount them.

>Do these engines find ONLY those pages with links to
>them or can they find everything?
They follow links, or submission requests. If you have a page
with no links form a page the robots know about, they can't find it.

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