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Re: Reciprocal Links
From Nicholas on 06 July '98
adding to Reciprocal Links posted by Laurel Eby

>I'm trying to cultivate reciprocal links for our site, but I'm not really sure what kinds of sites to request links from. We're a translation and software localization company, and obviously we wouldn't be able to get links from other translation companies, since they're the competition. We also do website translations.

>Other than the obvious language-related pages, like dictionaries and the like, can anyone think of any types of pages I could seek reciprocal links from?

>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Alta Vista found 30 links to you, not too shabby?

Why not ask your customers to put linked taglines at the
bottom of their sites, as web design companies do? Since
you have customers like Four11 and Hachette, it can't hurt
and would probably aid the legitimacy of their site.

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