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Re: Reciprocal Links
From Max on 06 July '98
adding to Reciprocal Links posted by Laurel Eby

>Other than the obvious language-related pages, like dictionaries and the like, can anyone think of any types of pages I could seek reciprocal links from?

Think about what information you can give away to attract people who will then link to you. If you put language and culture-related information on your site, such as travel tips for persons who don't want to make fools of themselves in a foreign country, or some of the interesting translation problems and goofs (like the priceless "sentado en cuero" goof one airline made) you could attract traffic from academic, travel, and business sites. You have to go above and beyond the advertising material.

Articles like:

*The 10 words you MUST know in __(language)___! (pick the critical xx words) This would give you an opportunity to show off the ability to use non-ASCII fonts.

*English speeched here very good (some of the stranger translations you've encountered ... my favorite restaurant one, from a Chinese restaurant in Venezuela, trying to be bilingual in English/Spanish, was "wanton soup".
Be an equal opportunity site: ask for users to send you the gaffes they have seen (or signs like one in a popular tourist restaurant in Guadalajara - "We won't laugh at your Spanish if you don't laugh at our English." in other languages.

*Offer a free phrase translation service ... set up a form page or (moderated unless you want a lot of four-letter word requests) message board where people can post the word or phrase they need and answer them within a week (give away a little and you can get a lot). I nabbed one job from a pompous Spanish professor: he wanted his $400 minimum fee to give the translation of a street name. I did it for free, and ended up doing the whole subdivision a couple of weeks later, for $$.

*Translate some public service stuff into or out of various languages and put it on your site: demo of skill and draws traffic. A tutorial on how to find and use foreign fonts would be fantastic.

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