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Re: Reciprocal Links
From Darryl on 07 July '98
adding to Reciprocal Links posted by Laurel Eby

>I'm trying to cultivate reciprocal links for our site, but I'm not really sure what kinds of sites to request links from. We're a translation and software localization company, and obviously we wouldn't be able to get links from other translation companies, since they're the competition. We also do website translations.

>Other than the obvious language-related pages, like dictionaries and the like, can anyone think of any types of pages I could seek reciprocal links from?

>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hmmmm! It seems you translate anything and everything. Lets focus on Web sites. Something I could be interested in the future. If you don't focus you will it can be very confusing. I think that if you
ran a banner campaign for translation of webs sites...for example, (Some example copy)"Don't Speak The Language? Let Excel Translation help you tell the rest of the world about you and/or your products. Something like that.
If you focus on just web sites you could draw trafic that way. And start link from ISPs...this would give their customers the option to move into other non english countries. If you can afford to have multiple domains ...
I would do that and break your web page into categories in other words specialize in web site design,specialize in software localization,etc.I would think web site translation would be a huge market. Take web site translation and focus on educating web site owners
why they need to move in other language markets. Now I would be interested in translating my site into other language in the future....tell me how I would correspond back to multiple languages via email at an affordable rate. In other words I don't know what my
new found customers are saying. If you stay the way you are you would definitely need links. So break your page into categories and find links for each categorie. This wil make it less confusing. Does every translater do Html? If not the take all of your html translaters
and focus on you new web site called "www.excelwebtranslations.com" . Now you have a specific market.

Hope this helps.

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