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Re: a bit more info on this point ? please
From Max on 07 July '98
adding to Re: a bit more info on this point ? please posted by Andrew

>> That's a dead giveaway that you are using doorway pages, and most
>>engines will discount them.

>dead giveaway ? discounted ? I'v alwaysd been told that this is how you do a doorway page
Yes, that's how you do a doorway page, but it's also how you find them so they can be ignored.

>so, how can you overcome this "doorway page" problem. how can you HIDE links from from other "real" pages back to your doorway pages, so that the doorway pages look legitamate to the SE's.
At the risk of lashing a dead equine ... those sites spend more time creating value-added content and less time about "looking legitimate to the SEs" will do better with less effort.
And sites with good content will find that links to them multiply like coathangers in an unused closet.

>ps. oh yeah. reguarding links to your site....MESSAGE BOARDS.....AV lists a bunch of links to my site from this one....does each "message" count as a seperate link, or, this being just one site, do all the links I'm leaving here only count as one ?
Depends on how the SE counts links. If I were the programmer, I'd give them less "weight" than links from separate domains. The links you leave are you voting for your site. The links someone else makes are their vote for your site.

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