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Re: Points well taken...but there are legitimate uses for entry pages
From Michael Liu on 07 July '98
adding to Re: a bit more info on this point ? please posted by Max

> At the risk of lashing a dead equine ... those sites spend more time creating value-added content and less time about "looking legitimate to the SEs" will do better with less effort.
> And sites with good content will find that links to them multiply like coathangers in an unused closet.

I agree with all your points Max. And I disagree completely with the concept of spamming the search engines (that's what makes it so hard for "real" sites to get listed and/or found). But it seems to me that there are legitimate reasons to have entry pages and I think it's unfortunate that the spammers are "poisoning the well" for those legitimate uses.

For example, If a site is dynamically generated, it seems that the only way to establish a presence would be to create some entry pages, particularly if the site covers a number of different topics.

Or have I been out in the sun too long?

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