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Re: Reciprocal Links
From Donald Zvanut at Gold Jewelry on 08 July '98
adding to Reciprocal Links posted by Laurel Eby

>I'm trying to cultivate reciprocal links for our site, but I'm not really sure what kinds of sites to request links from. We're a translation and software localization company, and obviously we wouldn't be able to get links from other translation companies, since they're the competition. We also do website translations.

>Other than the obvious language-related pages, like dictionaries and the like, can anyone think of any types of pages I could seek reciprocal links from?

>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Don't hesitate to link REC. with your competition. I do some
of my stiffest comp. has links with me. Hey if they don't find
the jewelry with me no problem. They know what I have. And
they will prob. find the comp. anyway! So do it with links.
Dr. Donald Zvanut

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