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Re: search engine submission software
From Chrsitne Kelem at CD and Cassette Manufacturing by Audio Sphere on 25 September '98
adding to Re: search engine submission software posted by Christine Kelem

>>Are there search engines that don't like URL's added via sumbission software. I recently purhased software that was supposedly rated well by on-line PC magazines (sorry...probably should have went with your's Max) and found that my results aren't really impressive. I have several "entry" pages and I find the ones where I submitted my URL's manually get more hit's then the pages where I solely used software. (the keywords are pretty much identical on each page so I don't think it is a difference in keywords that is the problem). I've since acquired a negative attitude about the usefulness of this type of software.

I paid some money when we first hung our website to have it registered with gazillion search engines... and nothing happened at all -- I mean we weren't even listed, much less ranked. We did get our money back after finding out that they used a software program with no human intervention at all... so I'd say your attitude is realistic, not negative.

I'm working on the search engine issue myself and am considering some software that tracks rankings... do you have any experience with that? I'm considering taking on the task of managing people's rankings for a fee if I can get good enough at it.

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