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Re: meta "robots"
From Max on 25 September '98
adding to meta "robots" posted by Andrew

>what SE's will 'respect' the tag [meta name="robots" content="noindex"] ? and can i put this tag on a page
and resubmit it to a SE to get the page removed for thier index ? and if the only link on the page is to
the index page (home page) would i be better off with the tag [meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"]?

I don't know, not do I know of any tests that have been run. ALL the
major ones respect the robots.txt file, but the ones that scavenge
email addresses will follow every link.
To have them remove a page from their index, remove it from your
site and then resubmit it. When they get the 404 message, they
report it as being gone.

I'm not sure exaclty what you need to have happen to that page.

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