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Re: Max, what am I doing wrong?
From Max on 25 September '98
adding to Max, what am I doing wrong? posted by Nick

>I have looked through every part of this site and have used all the advice to try to get my page popular...
>I've frequently posted and re-posted messages to people asking for help on what has been going wrong, but haven't gotten much useful advice...
>I was reading a message which said you helped someone else by telling them what they were doing wrong.

It's a graphics site, one among hundreds ... so you will have to create
and offer SIGNIFICANT ORIGINAL CONTENT to stand out. Either concentrate
on the "how to" stuff or create your own stuff, but you'll have to really
work at it.
The techniques on this site don't work for all sites, and where the market
is over-crowded, the site owner has to do something outstanding.

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