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Re: meta "robots"
From Andrew on 26 September '98
adding to Re: meta "robots" posted by Max

here's the deal. infoseek seems to only list 96 of my pages. no matter what i do i cant get above 96. i submit a new page and one of the other ones gets droped. 96. i figured if i could get rid of some of the more obscure pages it would make room for more relevant pages in thier index. 96 pages. at the moment they have 12 of my silly java game pages listed (hey! the customers love em *L*) , like i need the game pages listed, jeez. 96 pages. but i dont want to remove the game pages all together, just from thier index. 96 pages.

*sigh* someones gonna bitch at me about this i just know it *L* "96 pages is a good listing, what are you complaining about"...........

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