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Re: The DeadLock Newsletter
From Deb at DividedHearts on 26 September '98
adding to Front Page '98 robot prohibitors posted by Christine Kelem

This is an email I received in RE to a previous newsletter that I no longer have a copy of... it may or may not answer your letters but ummm it's a shot at any rate.... keeping up with the newsletters that Jim puts out are worth it:)

I've had many responses about my FrontPage comments in last
week's newsletter, mostly concerned with this:

C. Here's the killer. In order to use FrontPage, you need
special files installed on your server, called
'FrontPage server extensions'. THESE FILES CAUSE SEARCH


Of course, I should have gone into more detail and I apologise
for scaremongering. Here is my evidence:

This was first brought to my attention by the following
paragraph at http://www.northernwebs.com/set/setsimjr.html

"Meta Medic is like the Search Engine Spiders in that it
can not read files on servers using the Microsoft
Frontpage97 Server Extensions. If your page starts to load,
then halts briefly before continuing to load, you are using
these extensions. We cannot read your page, nor can the
search engines."

I tested this by finding a few random FrontPage sites that
showed "Transfer Interrupted", checking their META tags then
going back to Alta Vista to discover that, yes, their META
descriptions were indeed absent on the page listings.

Inevitably, it was pointed out that FrontPage98 had got rid of
these bugs, and even in FP97 this can be avoided by FTPing the
site to the server instead of using the 'publish' feature
(thanks to Linda Lalewicz for this tip).

I'm happy to put the record straight and I'd also like to point
out the dictionary term:

Tantrum: a capricious fit of ill-temper without adequate

Colin Chapman pointed out something interesting which I can
neither confirm nor deny:

"One aspect of FrontPage that you didn't touch on is

"Put all of the following statements in this context: MS
is marketing FP as a server/editor/web management
interface anyone can set up and use--even with little or
no computer experience.

"When you set up an FP "web", the default is for NO

"That is the default. Obviously, this is a bad option.
As a result there are many, many, many FP servers out

"All someone has to do is to point front page at a web,
and if it is unprotected, full root access is granted

If you're a HotMeTaL Pro user you might be interested in this,
also on the topic of META tags:



In the words of Forrest Gump: that's all I have to say 'bout

The FrontPage debate is now closed and normal service will
resume next month.

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