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Re: Why posting at free-for-all link?
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to Why posting at free-for-all link? posted by Hup

>I tried to post my link on free-for-all link page, and what I got was
>only spam, no even one click is coming from those free link page.
>I wonder what is the purpose of those page?
They are often used to collect email addresses for spammers, on the
theory that if you have advertised anywhere, you want to get their ad by
There is even software that will automatically post your links and
ads, which makes me imagine a site that has never been seen by humans:
one kind of software is frantically posting links and another kind of software is
industriously scavenging addresses, with no real visitors.

> And what make you post on the
>page? Yes, it's free, but worse than useless.

You get what you pay for.

>Does anybody has good experience of free-for-all link page?
No ... because there is NO quality control. It's several times worse
than an ad in a free classified newspaper (those are al least locally
distributed) or a posting at the local market.
These places tend to become a loud "LOOK AT MY SITE" crowd.

For effective links, take the time to seek out sites that actually
have content that complements the content on your site - if you sell
llama wool, find knitting sites - and ask them for a link. Point out
how the two sites would benefit from a mutual link in your message,
DO NOT send it BCC to a group of sites (I trash all BCC mail, and the
"Your site is great, please link to mine." gets trashed too. You have
to sell your site to the other site's owner based on what the link will
do for the other site.

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