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Re: Any suggestion for my web site?
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to Any suggestion for my web site? posted by Hup

>This is a book searching and price comparison meta search engine
>which search book among several major book databases and compare
>book price among more than 20 online bookstores for the best offer.

OK - I searched for "The Hunt for Red October" and the bulk of the
results were apparenlty a VIDEO, not the book. The visitor should
get BOOKS when they search for books and VIDEOS only when they search
for videos.
It left me with a list of links, and no visible prices, so it is
basically useless as a comparison tool. When I clicked on a link to
Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October, it went off on another search,
and came back with an AUDIO version of the book. I click on another
link, it searches again and comes up with a THIRTY-FIVE dollar book
from the UK? .... what the heck was it thinking of?
It took me several searches and clicks to come up with what I thought
I would get on the first one: a table with the various sellers, ranked by

Once you fix that, you can legitimately announce to to rec.books and
ask any major (non-publisher based) book site to link to you. It's
a good idea (I realize you probably get a kickback, but it's providing
a useful service) but not ready for prime time yet.

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