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Re: It appears that Infoseek will parse search words.
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to Re: It appears that Infoseek will parse search words. posted by Deb

>That it does..... I'm running an on-line support site for ppl with mental illness. We have message forums some for kids some for adults etc.... Couldn't tell you how many times I get hits from places like InfoSeek and Altavista for keywords like "adult only sex forums" we have "adult oriented forums" and in some of the posts are mentions of childhood sexual abuse.... the result from the parsing is ppl looking for some 'adult XXX' sites end up on a mental health information site... go figure...

It might do them some good to read your site.
That's where the META description tag helps - You can specify that it
is a support forum run by a mental health agency.

One of my first ventures into Lycos, looking for "medieval Welsh
history" came back with a recipe for carrot pudding as the most relevant
topic (after I excluded all the Welsh soccer sites).
The recipe had very proper HTML, with the words "Welsh Carrot
Pudding" in the title and H1, and the first paragraph did mention
how the pudding was a recreation similar to puddings mentioned in
medieval welsh history books.
They try, they really try, to bring back the right stuff.

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