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Re: A question for Max on H tag syntax
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to A question for Max on H tag syntax posted by Nicholas

>Do you have a quick guide to acceptable syntax
>within and surrounding H tags?

Put the Htags on the outside of anything else like a link or
a font declaration. And don't put any tags that can hold text
on their own (tables, address, etc) inside the Htag.

>Eg. I was surprised when you said a link can
>go inside an H tag, but not surround it. What
>are the rules for Font, Italic, and Bold tags?
See http://www.htmlhelp.org for the full discussion of containers
and non-containers. Text markup should come INSIDE the container for
the text. Some "container tags" are, for example,

Some containers like [td] should contain other containers, but most containers
can only contain text and text markup and links.

Be especially careful with tables: if the markup is between the
[tr] and the [td], like this example
[tr][td]your text here

You can really get wierd results on some browsers.

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