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Re: meta
From Max on 27 September '98
adding to Re: meta posted by Andrew

>here's the deal. infoseek seems to only list 96 of my pages. no matter what i do i cant get above 96. i submit a new page and one of the other ones gets droped. 96. i figured if i could get rid of some of the more obscure pages it would make room for more relevant pages in thier index. 96 pages. at the moment they have 12 of my silly java game pages listed (hey! the customers love em *L*) , like i need the game pages listed, jeez. 96 pages. but i dont want to remove the game pages all together, just from thier index. 96 pages.
??? maybe it's the way the site is structured? They have all 300+
of one of my sites, but it's split among subdirectories. Under the index page
(which is mostly links to the main sub-topic pages with a bit of text), I have
several "subject pages" that are really the main pages for the sub-topic.
Imaging a "pets" site, with "dogs", "cats", etc. as separate directory trees, and
essentially seperate interest groups.
It's also never been submitted to them ... their robot just shows up and wanders
around, probably found a link somewhere and followed it. I don't, as a rule,
submit pages i've added to existing sites to the search engines.

Here's an idea:
Move the Java Games pages to a subdirectory, and make that
subdirectory a no-robots one with robots.txt. that will keep them from getting indexed.
Keep one games page in the original directory with the links to
all the JAVA games as the "official" one for Infoseek.
Put redirects on all the old pages ... then resubmit them.
that should get them out of the indexes and not mess up any links
from other sites and from bookmarks.

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