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Re: meta
From Andrew on 27 September '98
adding to Re: meta posted by Max

>Here's an idea:
> Move the Java Games pages to a subdirectory, and make that
>subdirectory a no-robots one with robots.txt. that will keep them from getting indexed.
> Keep one games page in the original directory with the links to
>all the JAVA games as the "official" one for Infoseek.
> Put redirects on all the old pages ... then resubmit them.
>that should get them out of the indexes and not mess up any links
>from other sites and from bookmarks.

been there done that. each game already is in its own directory. the page that lists and links to each game is in the main directory. i put a robot nofollow on the main page, and robot onindex on each game page. im gonna resubmit them all and see what happens.

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