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Re: Any suggestion for my web site?
From Hup at AddALL book searching and price comparison on 27 September '98
adding to Re: Any suggestion for my web site? posted by Max

>OK - I searched for "The Hunt for Red October" and the bulk of the
>results were apparenlty a VIDEO, not the book. The visitor should
>get BOOKS when they search for books and VIDEOS only when they search
>for videos.

By right the searching result should get only book, but, as some bookstore sell
video(video book?)as well as audio tape(audio book?), and with a valid ISBN,
my search engine pass it.
I think what you want is ISBN "0870212850" or "0425133516".

> It left me with a list of links, and no visible prices, so it is
>basically useless as a comparison tool. When I clicked on a link to

My idea is, the first page is just only searching result, as the result is
get from several major bookstore only, it's not a "comparison tool" yet,
but a "book searching" part. And I don't want to list any price,
as the searching result does no include price of other small bookstores yet.

May be I should add something like "Click to compare price different" ..

>Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October, it went off on another search,
>and came back with an AUDIO version of the book. I click on another
>link, it searches again and comes up with a THIRTY-FIVE dollar book
>from the UK? .... what the heck was it thinking of?

Some book is for UK version, they have their UK version ISBN, so the
searching result don't show you good result.

> It took me several searches and clicks to come up with what I thought
>I would get on the first one: a table with the various sellers, ranked by

Please try ISBN "0425133516" or "0870212850".
It give you what you expect.

>Once you fix that, you can legitimately announce to to rec.books and
>ask any major (non-publisher based) book site to link to you. It's

Good suggestion! I will do it, thank a lot.

>a good idea (I realize you probably get a kickback, but it's providing
>a useful service) but not ready for prime time yet.

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