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Re: How about classified ad?
From Hup at AddALL book searching and price comparison on 27 September '98
adding to Re: Why posting at free-for-all link? posted by Max

>>Does anybody has good experience of free-for-all link page?
> No ... because there is NO quality control. It's several times worse
>than an ad in a free classified newspaper (those are al least locally
>distributed) or a posting at the local market.
> These places tend to become a loud "LOOK AT MY SITE" crowd.

I can't help think of another similar web site: free classified advs.
Does selling our product through free or pay classified can ready make any sale?

> For effective links, take the time to seek out sites that actually
>have content that complements the content on your site - if you sell
>llama wool, find knitting sites - and ask them for a link. Point out
>how the two sites would benefit from a mutual link in your message,
>DO NOT send it BCC to a group of sites (I trash all BCC mail, and the
>"Your site is great, please link to mine." gets trashed too. You have
>to sell your site to the other site's owner based on what the link will
>do for the other site.

I follow the intruction in your page, normally I spend a lot of time in the page
which I am going to ask for link to find out what I can flatter.
And follow your strategy, so far I got 80-90% successful rate (among >20 requests) :)

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